RYLA Alumni

RYLA Alumni

The RYLA Alumni is formed on 1st April 2011.

Objectives of RYLA Alumni:

  • Liaise RYLArians in District 3450
  • Build up a platform for networking in Rotary and RYLA
  • Provide an on-going learning & development opportunity for RYLArians

RYLA Alumni Committee:

RYLA Alumni Committee 2011
[Rear] IPP Shirley Mok, P Chelsia To, PP Virginia Pak, Jovex Chan, Rtn. Amy Chan, Ming Wong, B.Y. Wong
[Front] June Chan, Kaka Lau, Yasir Ahmed Naveed, Nicole Huang, Xaviera Leung, Victoria Poon, VP Jade Chan


  • P Chelsia To RYLA 2011 Chair | RC Queensway

  • PP Virginia Pak RYLA 2011 Camp Warden | RC Happy Valley

  • IPP Shirley Mok RYLA 2011 Program Director | RC Kowloon Tong

  • Rtn. Amy Chan RYLA 2011 Program Trainer | RC Kowloon Tong

  • VP Jade Chan RYLA 2011 Team Facilitator | RC Peninsula

  • Platteen Tsang RYLA 2011 Program Trainer

Jovex Chan RYLArian 2003

Vice Chair
Xaviera Leung RYLArian 2009

June Chan RYLArian 2010

Kaka Lau RYLArian 2009

PR & Promotion

  • Anita Chan RYLArian 2006

  • Yasir Ahmed Naveed RYLArian 2010

  • Nicholas Chiang RYLArian 2010


  • B.Y. Wong RYLArian 2008

  • Flora Pau RYLArian 2010


  • Nicole Huang RYLArian 2010

  • Victoria Poon RYLArian 2009

Ming Wong RYLArian 2007

RYLA Reunion 2011 Chair
Katherine Leung RYLArian 2011

Recent Activities: