FAQs for RYLA 2012 - 2013:

  1. Where can I find the application form?
    You can complete an online application from our official website.

  2. When should I send out the cheque of HK$800?
    Once we have notified you of your acceptance by email. The deadline will be informed in the email.

  3. Do you accept applications by post?
    Sorry, only applications through our online system are accepted.

  4. Do I need to become a member of Rotary, like a Rotaractor or an Interactor, as a prerequisite for joining RYLA?
    RYLA is Rotary's leadership training program for young people. It is open to all young people who can fulfill our basic requirements as listed in our program requirement. It is not necessary for you to become a Rotaractor or an Interactor before joining RYLA. However, all past RYLArians in any recognized Rotary district or Rotarians will not be accepted.

  5. I am not a resident / citizen in Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolia. Can I still apply for your district's RYLA program?
    We do receive several requests every year on this issue. All overseas applications may be considered, subjected to our resources and final decision of our Organizing Committee. Please send your request to us through a Rotary Club in your district. However, you will need to pay the expenses at your own cost and you are not entitled to any subsidy from our district.

  6. What if I am not able to attend the whole RYLA program?
    If you are unable to attend the whole program, your application priority will be given to those who can attend, which means your chance of being selected will be lower. In addition, your HK$800 deposit will be forfeited and you may not able to receive certificate and nomination for recognitions. So, we do strongly encourage all applicants to make sure their availability to attend the WHOLE program before applying.

  7. My school has already started before the RYLA camp but I still would like to apply for RYLA. What is your suggestion?
    If your class crashed with our RYLA program, the RYLA Organizing Committee can issue a letter of absence to your school on request, but still you need to consult your school teacher for final approval.

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