RYLA Glossary

In this page you can learn several common terms used in RYLA in District 3450.

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RYLA is the abbreviation of "Rotary Youth Leadership Awards", which is Rotary's leadership training program for young people, officially adopted by Rotary International in 1971. It can be held at international, district or club level. In District 3450, the RYLA program was started in 1985. (Pl. "RYLAs")


A participant who have completed a RYLA program and received the Rotary Youth Leadership Award recognition. (Pl. "RYLArians")

Best RYLArian

The participant chosen by the RYLA Organizing Committee to represent District 3450 as a delegate to attend an International RYLA program (no longer continue in 2011) and Rotary International Convention. Selection criteria is set by the RYLA Organizing Committee, but generally the selected candidate possess good language abilities and interpersonal skills, and demonstrated an outstanding performance in the RYLA program.

Top RYLArian

A RYLArian who is being nominated by a RYLA Organzing Committee member for the Best RYLArian recognition.

Past RYLArian

A participant who have attended a previous RYLA program.


Same as "Past RYLArian".

Rotary's New Generations

It is Rotary's youth and educational programs, including RYLA, Rotaract, Interact, Rotary Youth Exchange, Ambassadorial Scholarships and Group Study Exchange.


It is the RYLA program held at international level, i.e. International RYLA, hosted by the RI RYLA Committee.

RYLA Conference

Some Rotary Districts will have their own RYLA programs in the form of conferences.

RYLA O-day

It is the orientation day, stage one of a RYLA program. Program briefing and team building are carried out in the orientation day.


It is a residential training camp, stage two of a RYLA program. The camp lasts for at least two days and in recent years it usually lasts for four days. The camp program usually includes development programs, indoor and outdoor challenges in experiential settings to foster participants' leadership competence, teamwork and communication skills, social responsibility and personal commitment.


The RYLA Organizing Committee, responsible for organizing a RYLA program.

RYLA Chair

The person who chair the RYLA Organizing Committee.

Camp Warden

The person in the RYLA Organizing Committee who take charge of the camp administration, discipline and ensure the camp program run smoothly. The camp warden is the number two person in RYLA OC. In our tradition the camp warden of the current year will become the RYLA Chair in the next year.

Training Director

The person in the RYLA Organizing Committee who direct the training program for RYLA OC members.

Program Director

The person in the RYLA Organizing Committee who direct the RYLA program.

Program Trainer

A person who deliver a program in RYLA.

Team Facilitator

A person who work with group processes to ensure programs run well and learning of each team member take place in line with the RYLA theme and training objectives.

Group Tutor

It is the old term used to describe a similar function of a "Team Facilitator". It is used before RYLA 2009-2010.

Program Officer

A person who work in the program team to ensure the RYLA programs design and run smoothly, and is able to create appropriate environments so that the learning process for participants takes place effectively.

RYLA Secretariat

It takes up the administration duties for RYLA. Usually it is the Rotary Information Centre (RIC) taking this role.

RYLA Alumni

Formed by RYLArians from different years. The objectives of RYLA Alumni is to:

  • Liaise RYLArians in District 3450
  • Build up a platform for networking in Rotary and RYLA
  • Provide an on-going learning & development opportunity for RYLArians

The RYLA Alumni Committee was set up on 1st April 2011 to handle the RYLA alumni affairs.

RYLA Reunion

It is a gathering event, at least once a year, for RYLArians and related members. It is held normally a few weeks after the RYLA program each year.
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RYLA Cheer Up / RYLA Beat

RYLA Cheer Up Demonstration - Click to View
RYLA Cheer Up Demonstration - Click to View
A cheer up slogan used in District 3450's RYLA to maintain a high RYLA spirit among participants. It is first used in RYLA 2007-2008, and soon become a standard in RYLA. Every RYLArian knows this cheep up well!

Abbreviations: Rotary (extracted)
  • DG: District Governor
  • DGE: District Governor-Elect
  • DGN: District Governor-Nominee
  • PDG: Past District Governor
  • IPDG: Immediate Past District Governor
  • AG: Assistant Governor
  • DS: District Secretary
  • DT: District Tresurer
  • DO: District Officer
  • P: President (of a Rotary Club)
  • PE: President-Elect (of a Rotary Club)
  • PP: Past President (of a Rotary Club)
  • IPP: Immediate Past President (of a Rotary Club)
  • Rtn: A Rotarian
  • RC ______: Rotary Club of ______
  • RIC: Rotary Information Centre

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Abbreviations: Rotaract (extracted)
  • RDC: Rotaract District Committee
  • DRC: District Rotaract Chair (a Rotarian)
  • DDRC: Deputy District Rotaract Chair (a Rotarian)
  • DRR: District Rotaract Representative (a Rotaractor)
  • DDRR: Deputy District Rotaract Representative (a Rotaractor)
  • PDRR: Past District Rotaract Representative (a Rotaractor)
  • IPDRR: Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative (a Rotaractor)
  • P: President (of a Rotaract Club)
  • PE: President-Elect (of a Rotaract Club)
  • PP: Past President (of a Rotaract Club)
  • IPP: Immediate Past President (of a Rotaract Club)
  • Rtr: A Rotaractor
  • RAC ______: Rotaract Club of ______

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Abbreviations: Interact (extracted)
  • JIC: Joint Interact Council
  • DIC: District Interact Chair (a Rotarian)
  • DIR: District Interact Representative (an Interactor)

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