Message from Program Team,
RYLA 2010-2011 Organizing Committee

Welcome, fresh RYLArians!

RYLA 2010-2011 in Rotary International District 3450 is a youth leadership program, in the format of 4-day-3-night intensive training camp, which is prepared for you to discover yourself, experience your leadership capabilities and gain personal growth, in the sense that you are able to apply the experience and insights gained from RYLA on making contributions to society, with the vision of building a better world for everyone. In this 4-day-3-night program, you are not only going to meet young community leaders from different backgrounds, but also you will have a unique chance to share with them, work with them and grow up with them.

Programs in RYLA 2010-2011 adopt experiential learning approach. In general speaking, you are going to learn from experience. You will go through a variety of programs in different aspects, including team tasks, outdoor adventure, life education, inspiration talk, land expedition, drama and artworks, team projects, etc. Facilitators are your friends who work with your team to help each of you learn from your own experience. They are not a teacher in nature. It is YOU indeed to initiate learning in every part of the program.

To complete all the programs and create your own success in life there is only one thing you need: it is your ATTITUDE. To be successful you don’t need superior personal skills and knowledge. You don’t need outstanding academic results or working performance. You don’t need superb language abilities. You don’t even need distinguished social status and huge capital. What you need is to increase your awareness on your own attitude. Start from now to open your door to discover yourself. Every time when you start to discover, you will certainly find more and more.

It is time for you to initiate a change! It is time for the RYLA camp!

Program Team,
RYLA 2010-2011 Organizing Committee
"Build the Future, Bridge the Cultures"